Bowling for Howard Dean
Sunday, August 31, 2003
2nd week, 2nd game

1st Frame

NASCAR dad's say "I grew up Democrat and always voted Democrat. But not anymore. That was a mistake"

If "NASCAR dads" are in the driver's seat for the 2004 presidential election, the Democratic Party's chance of recapturing the White House may well be road kill

NASCAR dad's who used to be Democrats are now staunch Republican's. They have seen what 8 years of Clinton has done to the moral decay of this country. Where 10 year old children think oral sex is not really sex, where womanizing is now seen as appropriate behavior - where lying under oath now depends on what the meaning of "is" is - NASCAR dad's are not impressed and neither am I.

Back in my younger naive days I had supported John Glenn, Democratic Senator from Ohio - I agree with the NASCAR dad's - that was a mistake and one I now regret - it will not happen again

Speaking of always seeming to be dishonest, if your game is golf, you might not want to play golf with President Clinton.

2nd Frame

Whom would you rather sit and shoot the bull with

When Bush was 1st coming out onto the National scene I use to grimace every time he misspoke, but after awhile I came to realize that this man was just like me and the rest of the folks I know, I have troubles at time saying a certain word correctly - This is the type of fellow I would rather talk NFL football or Scuba Diving with , I would be more comfortable with than any of the 9 dwarf's - what would the 9 dwarf's and I talk about? caviar and sail boating ? yeah like that is going to ever happen

3rd Frame

It's all about what a man he is," said Gabler. "What Bush has brought to this is testosterone

Testosterone indeed, not some mammy jamb "can't we and the folks that rather see us all dead" get along?" ah, no we cannot - Testosterone is what this country needs right now, not Howard Dean types who rather recite poems and blame the US for terrorist attacks against us - I wouldn't trust Dean to defend this nation no more than I would France or Germany to defend us - Dean, France and Germany - those three words one does not associate with National security - the word that comes immediately to mind is "surrender"

4th Frame

I'm sorry, who did you say was running again?

The only Democrat I see that makes any sense is Mr. Lieberman, he at least understands how important our National Security is ( Mr. Howard, that is where the government protects it's citizens against harm - might want to check into that what I am sure is a foreign concept for you ) and that delaying the war until the French or Germans joined was not a "fair critique" - so who ever said that the Democrats were fair? certainly not I

BEER FRAME - actually Diet Coke Frame

OK a big ole hat tip to the Washington times since posting will go from their web site - I am posting in it's entirety

Hillary's expertise
"We're not making this one up, folks. In a video snippet you can play for yourself on the NY1 News Web site, Hillary Rodham Clinton accuses the Bush White House of 'a coverup at the highest level,' " the Wall Street Journal says in an editorial at
" 'What transpired in the White House?' an angry Mrs. Clinton asked this [past] week from the steps of New York's City Hall. 'I know a little bit about how White Houses work. I know somebody picked up a phone, somebody got on a computer, somebody sent an e-mail, somebody called for a meeting, somebody, probably under instructions from somebody further up the chain, told the EPA, 'Don't tell the people of New York the truth,' and I want to know who that is.
"Mrs. Clinton's coverup accusation was prompted by a report from the Environmental Protection Agency's inspector general, which says the Bush Administration prodded the EPA to issue reassuring reports about the air quality in Lower Manhattan after September 11. She's not buying the argument that, in the chaotic aftermath of that day, no one really knew what was going on with air quality.
"Maybe the first couple of days, Mrs. Clinton allows. 'But a week later, two weeks later, two months later, six months later? Give me a break. They knew, and they didn't tell us the truth,' she says.
"This, of course, comes from the same woman who as first lady thought it understandable that her long-subpoenaed records could suddenly materialize in a room right next to her White House study. 'I think people need to understand that there are millions of pieces of paper in the White House,' she told Barbara Walters, 'and for more than two years now people have been diligently searching.'
"Recall that she also dismisses the collection of hundreds of FBI files of Bush and Reagan appointees as a 'bureaucratic snafu' by innocent newcomers 'who did not recognize the mistake.' And who can forget her classic disavowal of any responsibility for the sacking of staffers in the White House Travel Office?" the newspaper asked.
"We suppose Mrs. Clinton's explanations have to be taken on faith. So if the honorable junior senator from New York now wants to argue that she knows a coverup when she sees it, because she knows all about how these things work, who are we to argue?"

Without even the remotest chance of me being wrong, this falls under the ole saying of the " pot calling the kettle black "

6th Frame

Matt Drudge is reporting that Bill Clinton had "had the opportunity to stop, catch, or kill bin Laden more than twelve times during his presidency'. Great, just great, not once, not twice, not even 10 times - 12 times - and his wife had the gall to hold a sign on the Senate Floor that said in big Block letters " BUSH KNEW" -

the name of the book is Richard Mintiter's Losing bin Laden - Miniter is a respected journalist and this will put the Democrats in a very bad light, like they were not already in that light - be interesting to see how they end up defending themselves - my bet is that they will blame anyone and everyone except for Bill Clinton - I wouldn't take that bet if I was you

After the meeting, Sheehan told Clarke, prophetically: "What's it going to take to get them to hit al Qaeda in Afghanistan? Does al Qaeda have to attack the Pentagon?"

President Clinton's highest-level national security team met on Oct. 2002 to determine what to do about the attack on the USS Cole that had resulted in American Deaths and only Dick Clarke wanted retaliation , if the counterattack had been successful, it might have prevented the 9/11 carnage. Dick Clarke was viewed as a "hothead" by those same people who now want Howard Dean to be President - thanks but no thanks "fool us once shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us" we will not be fooled again

7th Frame

We shouldn't ignore the liberal looters

seems like there is a story like this every few months- so when these thief's, err, educators, come out and endorse a new school tax levy and say it is "for the children" he isn't lying - it is for his children and their Caribbean vacations - not to mention the 1000's of dollars used illegally to try and help Democrats win elections in Florida where Tornillo lent the McBride campaign two top union officials and secretly spent more than $2 million on McBride political ads. I wonder how they "thought" they were going to hide this, did they think people would not notice 2 million dollars missing or the TV ads - this is why our kids nowadays have trouble in the real world - Yapper's like this "educator" is educating them

8th Frame

The Dean Yapper's show why they picked yellow for the color of their bowling shirts

cartoon showing us what the left thinks of our military

I am shocked, totally shocked that it doesn't show dozens of folks spitting on him - like our men and women had happen to them upon returning from Vietnam - which even to this day the military is a huge supporter of the GOP - long memories is not a problem for our military types -

9th frame

Dean and Clark: Two
Democrats with deep flaws

actually I would have put the word "very" in front of the word "deep" I expect Clark any minute now to utter those now famous words "I see dead people" well Mr. Clark that must be the 9 Democratic nominees you see, and your skill of seeing a dying party is common place - the rest of us see them also

10 Frame

My base is stronger than your base which explains the can of whoop-ass the GOP put on the Democrat's last November - that and the fact that the Democrats complain and compain about 110% of the things Mr. Bush does, and will not tell us how they would do it - because they know if they did, they would lose even more voters

With the overwhelming success of GOTV in last year's election -Bush team is looking to expand that even further

League Standings after the 5th game

President Bush's Patriots 5 -0 -0
Howard Dean's Yappers 0- 5 -0

2nd Week - 1st Game

1st Frame

Worried Democrats See Daunting '04 Hurdles

Interesting - everyone from the Unions to the little guys that count are totally unhappy with Dean as a nominee even to the point that 60% of registered Democrats cannot even name one of the current 9 dwarf's

2nd Frame

Dean has his share of hurdles

a Dean nomination, featuring opposition to the war, enthusiasm for higher taxes and approbation for same-sex civil unions, would mean four more years of what Dean considers the Bush-Ashcroft Terror

A Dean nomination will kill any chance at all of the Democrats getting any Electoral votes in the South - The same-sex civil unions will not be taken lightly down there and having Howard Dean's right hand greeting the rest of us, all the while his left hand is in our back pockets taking what ever else is left from our paychecks won't go over with the working families - even the union folks are indicating that there members will just sit our 2004 - they are that disgusted with the Yapper's

3rd Frame

My name is Howard Dean and I do not know how I feel on that issue - let me ask and I will get right back to you -

well that didn't take long , Dean has been telling those of us who have been paying attention that he is a straight shooter when it comes to his positions - now we find out that not only can't he shoot straight - he has been firing blanks using a non-working weapon -

4th frame

Hat tip - who has it right "Poor Terry"

look's like the Yapper's need a new coach

Recipients of recent money appeals by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have been puzzled by the absence of the customary signature of the party chairman, Terry McAuliffe.

Earlier DNC fund-raising letters this year were signed by former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. The latest appeal, which arrived in the mail last week, was signed by somebody whose name was new to many recipients: Josh Wachs, the DNC's 31-year-old chief operating officer.

McAuliffe is so controversial with the Democratic rank-and-file, according to party sources, that his name may inhibit contributions.

Just like in sports, when you have a losing team, and they continue to lose, with no hopes of winning anytime soon with the current players - you get rid of the coach - and that now applies to the Democrat "team" -

BEER FRAME - actually Diet Coke Frame

This falls under the heading, Dumb and Dumber

The Democratic presidential hopeful is drawing heat from City Hall after appearing in front of a graffiti-covered backdrop during a rally at Bryant Park on Tuesday.

so this is Howard's ideal of what artwork is? makes one shudder to see what his ideal on having our troubles with North Korea - all I can picture is a little tiny dog - sitting their shaking uncontrollable and yapping - thanks but no thanks Howard on the offer to be my President - or even my dogcatcher - all that would do is upset the dogs

6th Frame

Boycotting Texas Senators Hope to Avoid Arrest

This is what you want leading our country? little babies running away when they can't win - this is nothing but desperation by a party that is going the way of the dodo bird and dinosaur's at this rate the only way you will ever be able to see them in the future in in a museum right next to the dodo bird and dinosaur's

7th Frame

Schwarzenegger Slammed by Hispanic Group

let's see if I understand this correctly Arnold, who came to this country not being able to speak this countries language - took the time and effort to do so, and became, by most folks standards, pretty successful - now switch to years later and we have a Hispanic leader dodging his Racial separatism views and the thing that upsets those who support Cruz Bustamante is that Arnold wants English to be their language - that has to fall under no credibility by the Democratic leadership if they have their way we will be all speaking Spanish as our native language - what is the Spanish wording for "you and what Army "

8th Frame

Enrollment Rising In ROTC Programs

There is hope for our nation after all - our young folks recognize the danger our country is currently under with terror attacks - but not Dean, which begs the question is why would anyone want Howard Dean to be President - only reason I can think of it that it would bolster our enemies and have them attack us even more - We had that with Clinton, we do not need it again

9th Frame

Do you have a spare Acme 5X24 series time transducing capacitor with built-in temporal displacement laying around ? - If I had one I go back in time and thump Ross Perot on the head and let him know what a disaster was awaiting the country with Clinton coming into the White House - then I go to the Spring of 2000 and sell all the Stock I had before Clinton's Justice department started going after Microsoft - then I go to Vegas and take back the bet that the Oakland Raiders would win last year's Superbowl

10t Frame

Bush has another great 10th, seems to be common occurrence

Dean may talk the talk
and that is his campaign in a nutshell all yapping and no substance - his total claim to fame is "I am not Bush"

Union members are smart enough to know that jobs don't come from that far left. You know the Democrats are in deep water when the Union is using membership money to back a candidate its members can't stand

League Standings after the 4th game

Patriots 4 -0 -0
Yappers 0-4 -0

Friday, August 29, 2003
Week 1 - game 3

1st Frame

Dean Yapper's Brings his cheering section

I want to thank the Australian people who supported our cause when they demonstrated against the policies of George Bush. Say thank you to all of them," Sawad said.

I might be going out on a limb here, but if you always stick your head in the sand when danger is about and nothing but your rear end is exposed , you are going to get your butt kicked - I have been saying over and over to those who would listen that the Dean Howard's of the world do nothing to help protect us - in fact all they seem to manage to do is to encourage those who would do us harm

Hat tip Right Wing News

2nd Frame

UAW a hard sell in Southern comfort

They see nothing to gain by joining a union, or even talking about why the UAW is not attractive. Some call the UAW -- which fought throughout much of the 20th Century to lift assembly workers at the car plants into the middle class -- a dinosaur of the 21st Century

Who would have thought that the Yapper's sponsor for this year would be a dinosaur -

3rd Frame

Democrats say Taco bell poll is rigged

Yegads Democrats need to get a life - They are now unhappy with the poll results at Taco Bell - yes that Taco Bell, and Bob Mulholland, campaign advisor for the California Democratic Party, is saying it is "an investment scam to benefit Schwarzenegger" and here I just thought folks were going there to chow down because they are hungry

if you want to see how the "vote" is going check out the Taco Bell web site
once there click on the "Who says you can't buy votes" link Currently Schwarzenegger, err, I mean Beef Taco is leading - who could have seen that coming

pssst if you go to Taco Bell choose the Beef Taco - I hear they are great!

4th Frame

Speaking of Taco Bell

Lawmakers consider junk food tax, limits on advertising, labeling

Back 15 years ago I was overweight, about 40 pounds overweight - it wasn't McDonald's fault, it wasn't Burger King's fault
it was totally my fault - I was the one not exercising, I was the one shoving the food down - These food lawsuits are nothing but a money grab by Class action lawsuit attorney's - and if they win - they will get all the money and you will end up with a Coupon for a Big Mac - and then you get fatter and they sue again a vicious circle

BEER FRAME - actually Diet Coke Frame

Looks like Taco Bell has it "right" after all

With the Oct. 7 recall election just six weeks away, registered Republicans now outnumber Democrats by 16,601 in Fresno County. At this time last year, the Democrats held a 3,214 voter-registration edge over the Republicans. Since February, the GOP has gained 2,243 voters in Fresno County

Local Democratic Party activist Billie MacDougall is at a loss to explain the hemorrhaging. "I'm shocked. I don't know why we've lost" ah Billie, I can give your 36 Billon reasons why you are losing -

6th Frame

Yeah, but will the people return

"According to a report out this month from the U.S. Census Bureau, an astounding 2,204,500 Californians threw in the towel from 1995 to 2000 and highballed it out of the "Golden State." -

It is going to harder, much harder for the Democrats to get the 270 Electoral votes in 2004. with the Liberal States in the North losing Electoral votes to the Conservative States in the South due to the 2000 Census - 11 votes left the North, with all but one ( CA received the other one ) going to States that George Bush carried in 2000

7th Frame

That Bush is such a dummy

Justice Janice Rogers Brown was nominated for the Federal court in D.C. This has got the Yapper's in one heck of a quandary and they know it. They are going to filibuster a Black woman Judge, which of course will not sit kindly with a lot of blacks, just like Miguel Estrada being filibustered didn't sit well Hispanics - the two most solid voting blocks for the Democrats being taking for granted - just like they have always been

The Yapper's are accusing Bush of trying to get credit because "she is the first African-American woman nominated to the D.C. circuit." well duh - just wondering why the 1st Black President Bill Clinton didn't nominate one? come to think of it Mr. Clinton didn't have too many blacks in position of power - hmmmmmmmm

8th Frame

Saddam Hussein –Democrat's favorite world leader behind Jacques Chirac

Liberals simply refuse to consider thoughts that would interfere with their lemming-like groupthink. They hold their hands over their ears like little children who don't want to listen to mother

Well there is another huge surprise - - these are the same Yapper's that were willing to give Stalin 36 years for his Utopia but give our military maybe 30 days, and in some cases were yelling quagmire before we even got to Baghdad - these are the folks you want to be President? thanks, but no thanks, I will pass

9th Frame

Dean, you need to bowl in your own lane

The National Republican Congressional Committee out raised its Democratic counterpart roughly 4-to-1 last month, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission late last week - so all that hoopla going on in Howard Dean land is about them getting out raised in Donation's by the GOP? That would be like a NFL football team losing 32-8 and then going out and celebrating because they think they won because they got 8 points?

This would be a great time to sell Howard Dean the Brooklyn Bridge - again!

10th Frame

Bush does it again with a perfect 10th Frame

I'm the underdog

Got to love a man , who hasn't lost a game yet, to declare himself the underdog with $200 million to pay league fees -
hopefully one day I too can be that kind of underdog

League Standings after 3rd game

Patriots 3 -0 -0
Yappers 0-3 -0
Thursday, August 28, 2003
Week 1, Game Two of the new Bowling Season

1st Frame

Dean starts out with a gutter ball -

The Bush Boom has indeed begun.

the data indicates that in July 2003, the service sector (no, not burger flippers — this is business-to-business services, like software and engineering and accounting services) exploded out of the gate

well duh! the folks I know that get to keep more of their bring home pay and get tax refunds have a healthy habit of keeping that money in circulation - and do you want to guess who is getting those additional dollars that would have been totally wasted by our government - that right! you win a cigar, companies that produce those items, which creates jobs and tax revenue - yeah that Bush is such a dummy

2nd Frame

This brings back memories why I support Mr. Bush

I happened to be on a plane that very date, at the very hour all hell was breaking loose in our Nation's capital and New York City - I came to respect Mr. Bush so very much that day - the man was born to lead - and having some of our Yapper's out in Berkeley California blaming me, and the rest of us for 9/11 - that didn't set very well with me - singing songs and reciting poetry had to be one of the most silly things they have done -

3rd Frame

I hear Dean is Chinese

"The New York Times recently reported that 74 percent of African Americans identified themselves as Democrats in 2000. By last year, that number dropped to 63 percent"

If this turns out to be accurate ( like who in their right mind trust the NYT for fact finding ) the Democrats are more toast in the South that I first thought

4th Frame

Liberal Radio Network Coming in Jan. 2004

can you say thud? 0 you know you can - maybe they can get Al Franken - we know he never lies

BEER FRAME - actually Diet Coke Frame

Dean explains his conspiracy theory why the Team is bowling so bad

It is because Bush would suspend the election due to part of the Patriot Act - time to invest more in any company that produces tinfoil - looks like it is going to be a bumper crop year

6th Frame

the Anchor bowler for the Yapper's, California is in a bit of a problem and the new kid of the block is taking all their thunder

Hat tip to Powerline

7th Frame

I was just wondering if you took my advise and invested in a tinfoil company as I suggested - now that NOW's President Kim Gandy has endorsed Carol Moseley Braun's if you didn't I am guessing it is way to late as other buyers will have made a beeline to their brokers by now

8th Frame

New Bowler to join the league?

Speculation on Possible Clinton run is just starting to hit the Blog world - if so then never mind - it isn't to late to invest in tinfoil after all -

9th Frame

Judges dampen Democrats' legal hopes

Kazen, during a hearing Wednesday in Laredo, made clear to Democratic lawyers that he was inclined to dismiss their lawsuit but believed that voting rights case law required that such an action could only be taken by a three-judge panel.

Texas Democrats give a bad name to chickens - at least chickens have excuses to see what is on the other side of the road

10th Frame

Bush, as usual has a Strong 10th Frame to take game two

Why Bush's Clear Skies bill is best road to cleaner air

Clear Skies will significantly reduce the emission of three of the most dangerous pollutants: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury. By 2020, the EPA projects that sulfur dioxide emissions would be reduced by 71 percent, nitrogen oxide emissions by 81 percent and mercury emissions by 77 percent from year 2000 levels.

League Standings after 2nd game

Patriots 2 -0 -0
Yappers 0-2 -0

Wednesday, August 27, 2003
WEEK 1 of the new Bowling Season

Dean's Yapper's are in the Yellow shirts
Bush's Patriot's are in the Red, White and Blue

1st Frame

Howard Dean opens with a 8-10 split

Hello all, Welcome to the Great USA Bowling league - I have been wanting to do something along these lines since Mr. Howard "deer in the headlights " Dean has come to the national attention of those of use who have been, well, paying attention - which I admit is not all that many, it would appear that the only ones who seem to care right now is fellow bloggers and a few newspapers with some spare space

My main reason in starting this, is to counter all the yapping put out by the on-line Liberals who cannot take any criticism of their beloved Dean - their attacks on anyone who disagrees with them makes Attila the Hun look like a choir boy

2nd Frame

Looks like the Yapper's might not have California to help them this bowling season
The Yapper's best bowler in 2000 can't pay the weekly $24 dollar league fees - maybe 38 Billon in debt might have something to do with it

A group that has led the fight against tax increases in California endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) for governor Thursday, providing a big boost to the actor's candidacy by vouching for his hostility to tax hikes

3rd Frame
Howard "deer in the headlights " Dean a physician and health-care defender, last year called for compelling the poorest Vermont seniors to pay more for Medicaid prescription drugs and he fumed that lawmakers who disagreed "did not have the spine" to make cuts" Bambi wanted to wipe out the Vermont program that paid 50% of the drug cost for those same seniors and the disabled with incomes less than $19,000 and to end free adult dentures, chiropractic care and podiatry coverage

4th Frame

Bush continues with another 1-2 perfectly thrown Strike

In Address to Veterans, President Bush Pledges to Stay the Course in War on Terror - This is what we want to hear - that our leadership will not bury their hand in the sand and pretend it will go away -

BEER FRAME - actually Diet Coke Frame
America's beloved heroes - Our Hometown Hero firefighters has slammed Vermont Governor Howard Dean - they claim that he gave them short end of the stick because he didn't join their push for firefighter survivors benefits or safety laws on items such as smoke detectors, left them off a post-Sept. 11 task force and rarely consulted them -

6th Frame

The Patriot's get a new Mascot
Bush was born July 11 to Mohammed, 34, and her husband Abdul Kader Faris, 41. His full name is George Bush Abdul Kader Faris Abed El-Hussein.

7th frame
Apparently they have been practicing

Although I must admit it is rather hard to tell, with how plain awful the Yapper's have been bowling lately - they will have plenty of time to rest come next November

8th Frame

You would think that the Yapper's would quit throwing gutter balls all the time

9th Frame

A Dark Cloud Over Dr. Dean

The problem the clever Dr. Howard Dean faces is that his party is a mélange of one-issue enthusiasts

1st of all I had to go look up the meaning of the word "mélange" which is French for "meddle" - which means "To intrude into other people's affairs or business" which come to think of it is a perfect description for the Democrat's

10th Frame

Bush has a perfect 10th Frame

Most say Iraq war was worth fighting
After what seems like a whole year of constant yapping by the bowling team of "Dean's Yapper's" - The League's leading team "Bush's Patriot's" have dropped two whole points - The Patriot's when asked to reply their answer was "that is what you get when you have handicapped bowlers competing in a scratch league"


League Standings after 1 game

Patriots 1 -0 -0
Yappers 0-1 -0

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